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  • Employment

    At Kahuna, we have chosen a non-traditional approach to business. We have fewer but self-directed and highly effective personnel who utilize "Intrapreneurial Thinking" to foster individual creativity and team collaboration. We reward the behaviors and attitudes that produce the results we seek. Our mission is to create an intense feeling of ownership and empowerment among members of our team, then effectively develop our staff to act with confidence regardless of the situation.

  • Investors

    Opportunities cannot incubate nor come to fruition as a viable business without adequate capital resources. Kahuna's unique business model is extremely selective in criteria for the opportunities we undertake. Our focus is balanced between the entrepreneur and the opportunity. Kahuna provides seed level capital and stewards every venture with hands on partnering and managed corporate services. Our role is not only to help birth great opportunities but also to guide and nurture the enterprise through the most perilous start-up stage.

    The capital for all new ventures and new opportunities primarily comes from the investments of the entrepreneurs and other ventures within the Kahuna Family. The entrepreneurs and key employees within the Kahuna system all have opportunities to invest in their own as well as peer Kahuna opportunities

  • Joint Venture

    By far, one of the most effective business development and growth strategies is through the synergy created by two organizations combining their individual strengths to create or attack a business opportunity together. Whether creating a new revenue stream for each organization or creating a separate business entity for planned growth and autonomy, Kahuna is positioned to review and consider a variety of joint venture opportunities.

  • New Business Incubation

    Kahuna is a company built around stewardship in the creation, development and community support for an extended family of independent, individual Kahuna and "Kahuna Member" business opportunities and ventures.

    Most business ventures start with a single business leader (steward) with the vision, passion, drive and determination to make this happen. More important than the business opportunity itself, a new Kahuna business opportunity must have the right business leader to be considered.