Learning, Living & Sharing the
Journey of enTREPreneurship
in Life, Business & Legacy

enTREPreneurship Applied to Business

enTREPreneurship Applied to Life

Kahuna emPOWERment Group

Community centered on learning, living & sharing the POWER of personal and professional enTREPreneurship within four major focus areas of:

  • KahunaPOWER SELF (Personal Development, Personal Leadership/Professional Development +)
  • KahunaPOWER HEALTH (Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Exercise, Longevity +)
  • KahunaPOWER RELATIONSHIPS (Family, Marriage, Spirituality, Friendships +)
  • KahunaPOWER WEALTH (Debt Freedom, Personal Finance, Wealth Journey, enTREPreneurship 101 +)

Kahuna emPOWERment Group has “Officially” Launched in Q2 2016
– For a preview of our enTREPreneurial approach to personal development, download your original edition free E-book of “Blessings in Adversity.”


Tell us about your business and we will explore options to empower your success.


After two decades traveling our own entrepreneurial journey, Kahuna is dedicated to serving individual entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial business endeavors and small business heroes on their own journey.


Since 1995, with Frank Lunn at the helm, Kahuna has developed a non-traditional and creative approach to business. The Kahuna name and brand is a commitment to our heritage as well as to our promise – we are NOT the “Big Kahuna”; we are privileged to serve enTREPreneur and Small Business Heroes who are! It is not about us; it is about them. We are excited to collaborate as a positive catalyst along the way. Within our individual and collective business units we have a simple strategy and focus for victory:

“We Achieve Our Victories Through the Victories of Those We Serve!”

Kahuna is not about us. Kahuna is about real people on a real journey of Personal, Business & Legacy enTREPreneurship. Our opportunity is serving others as we Learn, Live & Share the very same journey – literally achieving our own victories in the service of helping others achieve theirs! Our support ecosystem allows us to serve entrepreneurs in all aspects of their development: life, business and legacy!


  • We make decisions guided by integrity, ingenuity, and common sense.
  • We are accountable for our actions and take personal responsibility for our results.
  • We are not afraid to make honest mistakes. We learn from them, move forward and improve as a result.
  • We are relentless in the pursuit of our goals. We plan for success, share details with our team and execute daily.
  • We believe in ourselves and each other. We are stronger as a team than as individuals.
  • We strive for personal development, professional development and balance in our lives.
  • We are loyal to our team, our clients, our JV affiliate partners, vendor partners and ourselves.
  • We view problems and challenges not as obstacles, but as opportunities for our success.
  • We have fun within all our relationships enjoying our business while striving towards our goals daily.
  • We are excited about our business opportunities, knowing… The best way to predict the future is to create it!


Originally founded in 1995, Kahuna has a rich history with participation in several businesses in a variety of industries.


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